How we eat, and who we eat with matters much more than we realize. For generations Muslims and Jews have often had to eat at separate tables, simply for lack of foods that are both Halal and Kosher. Mohammad Modarres was determined to change that. In creating interfaith foods that observe the dietary laws of both faiths, and making them more accessible, he hopes food can serve as a medium for cultivating peace and building greater cultural awareness and understanding. He shares more about his intriguing vision here. 


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  • Genevieve Balance Kupang

    Wow! Beautiful transformative act towards a harmonious co-existence through food. Since January this year, here in the Philippines, we are celebrating the “YEAR OF ECUMENISM, INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE, AND INDIGENOUS PEOPLES,” with the theme “DIALOGUE TOWARDS HARMONY” which was made extra meaningful with special webinar the other day dubbed “Abrahamic Faiths in Dialogue: Building Harmony In Today’s Challenging Context.” It is a celebration of the spirituality of communion, new evangelization, and a call to human solidarity. We had with us Dr. Deborah Weissman (Judaism); Bishop Virgilio Pablo "Ambo" David (Christianity- Catholicism); Dr. Macrina Morados (Islam) and Dr. Lizette Tapia-Raquel (Christianity-Protestantism).Please continue to inspire us, Mohammad Modarres for your out of the box approach to living in diversity!

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