In Malawi, climate change is already affecting the lives of farmers who have seen fewer and fewer rainy days to sustain their crops. Drought is destroying the livelihoods of subsistence farmers, while many around the developed world are oblivious to these losses. Malawian climate activist Anita Chitaya is on a heart-felt mission to connect the rest of the world with the suffering she sees in her own land. She believes that through telling our stories to each other, we can all come to a realization of how our daily choices affect the lives of others and compassion will arise for making life-style changes for the good of all. Chitaya and the filmmaking team say there are "many ants but too few workers" to get the all-important job of conservation done before time runs out for Malawi. This film tells the story of her travels to America and beyond as she engages in telling the story of Malawi to awaken the hearts of those ignorant of the effects of climate change in her country.


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