What if the world embodied its highest potential? What would it look like? As the structures of modern society crumble, this video contemplates a set of unexamined assumptions that form the very basis of our civilization. In a beautifully shot 25-minute retrospective, it asks us to reflect on the state of the world and ourselves--and to listen more closely to what is being asked of us at this time of unprecedented global transformation.


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  • Cat Wilson

    Transformational living and what it brings to those who walk in a new path. Cat

  • cbliss

    I loved it.

  • DCU

    Although the video was a bit slow, it did have some nice commentary and well placed visual images that were thought provoking. (The Nun was a bit too freaked out. She should think about projecting a more positive outlook and maybe try to believe that we live in a universe that supports us.) I also feel compelled to comment on "voice of reason's" comments. You don't get it. You're exactly what the video is talking about not wanting to share our resources. America is a nation of opportunity. You've obviously never traveled outside of the country. Try seeing another person's reality from their perspective. In many places it's not easy to live in or with the circumstances that you're born into. If we are a nation of opportunity why not allow others to come here and share in this (or help the world become a place of opportunity so people don't have to leave their own countries). You seem to be so possessive of "my america", "my money". How about "our" money and "our" world? By the way, our forefathers were educated foreigners trying to escape persecution. Think about being a bit more loving and contemplate a feeling of oneness. If you thought of this "foreigner" as your brother or sister would you turn them away? Hopefully people like you will someday see the light. Spread more love...And get over the Obama thing, he's not the problem, your negative, selfish thinking is.

  • bdp

    Very nice to see but by the decade can we make it happen .Hope change should begin from home

  • Carol

    I loved this video because it is thought-provoking, ...there IS no one solution, but i do believe that it starts with a 'oneness' in the sense that we all need to realise that we are all connected and our actions have a knock-on effect on a global scale. If everyone realised this, and behaved accordingly, imagine how different this world would be....can you imagine? 'Voiceofreason', you need to stop spreading the begrudgery and paranoia that you feel, its not helping anything, and if you can't change, then at least change your name to a more suitable one, Peace.

  • Mary

    This video highlights facts which most of us know and none of us have an answer to. The big problems cannot be solved in one fell swoop. Noone (not even Obama) is going to come along, wave a magic wand and make everything better. What we can do as individuals is take responsibility for ourselves. Transformation is not imposed from above, it has to happen from within. The human mind is an extraordinarily powerful tool and we need to examine our impulses and question whether they are ultimately harmful or beneficial, then we can each of us lead by example. We are so conditioned to expecting "top down" solutions - I feel that the answer to these questions has to be a grass roots one.


    What are the things that all human beings want, regardless of their culture, class, religion, nationality, or ethnicity? We all want our children to thrive. We all want to be healthy. We all want to eat, and drink. We all want to live free from fear and violence. And we all wish to live meaningful lives as we struggle to understand life's Big Questions. Those with the power in our world need to recognize that the core things they want are the same as those who are powerless, and that we exist in the 'inescapable bonds of mutuality,' as MLKJr. put it. We must focus on those things that make us all human beings.

  • Voice of REASON

    I stopped half way thru this bleeding heart propaganda. If there is forced slavery that should stop. But if you want to be free go live on the streets as many do, or simply get a job. But as long as you have the right to quite a job, that is not slavery. You have the freedom to move in most places. The blood Americans lost in it's own civil wars and the capitalization and leadership, is what made America great. Not the rest of the world feels a since of entitlement. Screw them. America has the biggest heart of any country. Sending food, clothes, shelter, medicine. NOT CHINA, NOT RUSSIA. I don't want uneducated people coming here, taking jobs away from Americans who's fathers and forefather spilled their blood to make this land, what it is. Obama scares the shit out of me. His plan to tear down America and give entitlements to the world pisses me off. Forcing white own car dealerships out of business to enhance minority car dealerships. My local auto parts store is telling me that the government is trying to force him to stop selling parts that are available from dealers. Again to put money in the minorities hands. Now, I am happy to see everybody get rich. I want to see everybody succeed. I most especially want minorities succeed at the hands of their own honest labor or intellect. That would hopefully mean they are not getting taxpayer handouts. Obama is not where he is at by honest earning. His parents took advantage of every handout. He went to the finest schools on the backs of tax payers. Now he want to finance the world, so they can have the same entitlements he had. My children and I got very poor educations from liberal public schools, not Ivy league, because we are white and no handouts. Choosing to be uneducated is choosing to be a slave. Fix your own country, fix yourself. Stop taking money out of my hands. Isn't there a bible prophecy of a dark handsome stranger, who promises peace for 7 years but he is really the devel? .

  • supun

    Rowena, I kind of agree with out, except I don't think we're a race. But, I actually think the hippies were on to something. They just were a bit too lazy (like me) not to be so bold after they got old.. and then they got addicted to drugs and rock and roll... just kidding. The power of these ideas is to let you latch on to what you want to do. My criticsm is the music. I hate it sound tracks during interviews. Just let the people speak! If people get bored, let them find something else to listen to (had to get on the criticism bandwagon here). I think the opinions here were presented well (not as facts as good intentioned opinions). I loved the comments the guy had at the end about British Imperialism and the "if a bunch of white guys can take over the world..." then we can make a difference too. I share a bit of the frustration some people shared, but let's go easy on the hippies. I do like the sentiments shared in the video. It's a good reminder to think about making what we want as we go forward in time. I think anti-consumerism, environmentalism, peace work, individualism with and without community (minus nationalism), and "globalness" can work us into a good vibe and get us all on the same wavelength. Rowena's thoughts on the video were very useful to me. Thanks

  • Smiling Jack

    The world hosts a parasite, a "thinking" virus that has the capability of self preservation but the inability to advance toward that end. The world will endure a fever curing itself of this illness (by natural law.) Ironically, the parasite will think it is the end of the world.

  • Jasmine Rose

    Unfortunately Rowena is a bit self righteous and thinks she knows better. But I think that the majority of the comments made from Alexandra on are kinder because perhaps there was less expectation. This is the accurate state of the world and the people who speak in the film, speak intelligently about the change that is required from us all. The Buddhist nun seems a little freaked out by the whole thing, but otherwise I thought the images ranged from beautiful to eye opening and the interviews were sensitive and respectful to the world as a multi cultural planet.

  • c.c.keiser

    I watched this video three times, and it does speak to me. It tells me the solution is not a soulution, but a New World Order with a One World Socialist type government free of borders to distribute wealth and resources more equitably. Perhaps it is time.

  • Patricia

    this film expresses beautifully what I and many my friends and colleagues are feeling right now...thank you. If you really don't get it...then please look again and again until you do.

  • Sue

    This video spoke to me of respect. Respect for ourselves, each other, our planet, our neighbors, any living thing. I believe there is no one answer. It will take willingness and creativity from any number of sources. It will take a willingness to try.

  • kathy

    it is enough, it makes you take a step back from the everyday and think!

  • Jason Berger

    Boring? Hippy nihlism? Falling short? THIS is not Hollywood. This is real life and should be presented as such. THIS is not for anyones entertainment, it is for uplifting souls that can FEEL the suffering of our world at this period of time. THIS is for awakening the ones that would serve in the interest of us ALL. For he that marks these words Hippyish; nihlist, sappy-- whatever. REDISCOVER YOUR HEART AND PLEASE WATCH IT AGAIN. YOU HAVE TRULY MISSED THE BOAT AND IT IS OUT FOR SEA...

  • Bettina Schwarz

    Wow, I'm surprised at the comments which have been left. I watched the video and felt it to be profound enough to share it with several others. Indeed, it offers many questions and no solid, pre-packaged answers. That, I think is a delight!!! In this society of ours we are forever looking to others for answers, always looking outside of ourselves for some miracle parcel of solutions. When things don't work out all beautifully, we can of course blissfully blame the sources outside of ourselves that things didn't turn out as roses and sunshine. The thing we need to learn is that we each individually hold our own truth, our own knowledge, our own skills set and potential for learning, our own diverse and dynamic creativity with which to generate solutions ... solutions for our individual own lives which have ripple effects and repercussions on all that we come into contact with!! It is time to learn to look within and act from a place of love. It is time to take responsibility for our very own selves!!! That is the paradigm shift of where it's at. That is the key! Those who felt irritation or boredom with this video, I ask you to look within and explore where those feelings of resistance originate. What is it that you are truly feeling irritation at and why. We are indeed all individual expressions of the one ... and it is the underlying oneness consciousness in conjunction with our joy at our individuality which will allow us to shift our impact on our existence, our reality, our world, our togetherness ... our experience of this life. Look within and see your creative potential ... and act! ~ Namaste

  • Dushyant Parikh

    What is good is we all think alike, a thought brings a wave and than a revolution. It took so many years to form boundries it will take time to break. We in India have support from Art of Living Foundation an organisation that teaches leaving in one family one world with its spread today in 152 countries and teaching that is not religion related it is answer to healthy leaving and open life and for the lot of questions this video is talking about. Yes it is fact that a lot is questions in the video and frustrating.

  • Alexandra Ho

    I thought it was thought-provoking and actually made me ask myself how I, individually, impact this world. The fact that the film made me stop and think about it is inspiring in itself. I felt the point wasn't so much about coming up with some nice, neat answer to our global situation but was to encourage thought and dialogue about where we are going as a global community.

  • Manolis Polychronides

    I have to generally agree with the previous two comments. Maybe I wasn't irritated like rowena or bored like Cherie but I did find it lacking something concrete, I did find it missing something specific. Moreover I find the title a bit misleading, creating an expectation that is far from fulfilled. I understand rowena's frustration and I would prefer something more argumentative, something with an edge, especially on social and political issues. On the other had it did give me time to reflect upon the numerous questions that it raised and, in that sense, the title was apt. But seconding Cherie's point that spiritual knowing and practice is only part of the answer, I would ask the producers to offer reasoning and inspiring plans along beautiful pictures, harmonious music and mindful individuals.

  • Cherie Beck

    I wanted this to be good, because underneath is an important perspective, but it was boring and not well organized and toooo long. I agree, the upside of this is missing. These are extraordinary times we get to be a part of, are a part of. Yes, it's challenging, stressful, dangerous, and that is how humans change. Not by oneness,..from demanding life conditions. Do it again, and I suggest you do more research and make the next change yourself to find the next iteration. Spiritual knowing and practice is not the answer, it's only part of the answer.

  • rowena

    God this was irritating! A bunch of opinions and beliefs unsupported with facts presented as evidence. No tangible solutions presented, other than a sappy hippy notions of oneness, without even a plausible definition of what 'oneness' is, and an unremitting parade of nihilism presented as spirituality. When the reality is, that the situation we are dealing with as a race is extraordinarily complicated and the implications of our actions for generations and upon every other life form on the planet are awesome in their potential. Moreover, that some of the best minds of the planet are using all their energy and creativity to come up with innovative solutions to the immensity of the challenges that we face and that these solutions whilst not complete - our emerging. In what way is this a useful contribution to this complex debate? Bah humbug! We need to stop beating ourselves over the head as a race and start to dream with vision and clarity about what that alternative future looks like and tell each other concrete and specific stories and paint pictures so that the future can be envisioned and grasped in the present.

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