Despite crippling obstacles, Dr. V(enkataswamy) restored the sight of over 100,000 people with his own hands. Then, in 1976, at the age of 58, he started an 11-bed eye clinic in an old temple-city, and with his team, turned Aravind Eye Care System into the largest and most productive eye care facility in the world. Taking its compassionate services to the doorstep of rural India, Aravind's stunningly effective strategies have created a self-sustaining system that now treats over 4 million patients each year, two-thirds of them for free. This award winning 2004 documentary tells the inspired story of what made Dr. V's leadership and vision so compelling.


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  • Viswanathan M V

    Myself & my family is patient of Arvind hospital, pondicherry. From my 12yr I'm wearing specs, yearly once we used to visit Thavalakuppam, pondy. Just luckly, I got to see this video what an inspiration story Dr.V & his whole team. Kudos to all the team who is leading up Dr.V 's vision now.

  • Karthik

    No words to describe the transformatio Dr.V has brought in the field of opthalmology. So selfless to change the visionles's life. What a motto he has had! Praise Dr.V !

  • Ramesh Nehru

    There are God's working among us who lift lives and make this Nation divine and Godly. Such rare diamonds are to be recognised and protected and supported. Doctorji gives an example of a magnificent life. His service is an example of divinity.

  • Mohandas

    It is the dedication and selfless service of people like him makes life in this planet worth living, not the empty rhetoric of politicians who serve themselves,

  • Gagan Polanki

    Thank you for the video. Great people like Dr.V are the ray of hope and love the world needs today. Extremely inspiring and uplifting story of love and sheer determination. I'm inspired to give back to the society. Needs to be shared and inspire more people. GOD BLESS Dr.V, his entire team and all the people in the world.

  • Doreen Platt

    Dr. V's spiritual message and how he walked his talk.

  • Dr Kuldeep Virani

    What inspired you about this video? I am a surgeon for last 26 years, and i wish I can be only 10% of what Dr V has done to mankind, before I close my eyes.My life will be worth.God please give me more strength and courage to accomplish my dream.

  • R Louise

    The facts tell us of huge pain. Sometimes we can do something, relatively small to us, that changes everything for someone. 80% of the blindness unnecessary. 2-1/2 to 3 year life expectancy after blindness, the tragedy of an adult called "mouth but no hands." Dr. V created the largest hospital that is helping this way. I know an opthalmologist about to volunteer cataract services in China. How can we (a) take a look (sometimes hard to do--issue of big interest to me) and (b) do some little thing our of joy and love to help these larger efforts. Thanks. RR

  • Ram

    All I can say is THANK YOU!

  • Absolute

    This is an excellent video. Thank you for the video. India is so rich, so full of excellent culture. Unfortunately, Indians have forgotten their culture, and are destroying their own people and their own riches. But, they never forget to please muslims and others in every possible. They will drink poison to kill their own faith.

  • Dr. Carol Joyce

    I was etraordinarily touched and felt my own consciousness move in this film. What an amazing man and health care approach. I hope the USa can learn from this abundance and goodwill that health care can be done in anorganized, loving and economic way. Thank you Dr.V

  • MEG

    WOW! if everyone has only half of the willingness, courage, faith, love of Dr.V, not only for eye problems, but for everything, we will certainly have heaven on earth...

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  • Learn more about the work of Aravind and the key insights behind its work through Compassion Unlimited, a talk by Dr. V's grand-niece. 
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  • Today, more than 35 members across three generations of Dr. V's family work at Aravind. Drop them a note of gratitude.

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