This thought- and action-provoking documentary on climate change demonstrates how it is in times of crisis that we discover what really matters to us and who we are as individuals and as a society. Ordinary people are seen stepping forward to do extraordinary things, sacrificing their safety and personal freedom to perform acts of civil disobedience that call attention to the urgent needs of our increasingly vulnerable earth. A large group of people standing up for what is right becomes a prototype for how to save the world, if enough people listen and act on the moral obligation to those who come after us, sacrificing themselves for the greater good.


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    I don't support sacrifise. I believe in staying with in the law as much as possible. In USA & the UN civil disobedience is technically legal as well as ilegeal. Aday in jail or fine to pay & a record isnt being smart.

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  • Become more informed about Extinction Rebellion and how you can get involved. 
  • Read one scholar's thoughts on why it is so difficult to act on climate change.
  • "The time for just watching films is over." What action does this last line of the film inspire in you?

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