This breathtaking film tells the story of people who are dedicating their lives to the sea. From Hawaii, Tahiti, Catalina Island, Antarctica, Australia and San Francisco, we witness spectacular images of the ocean as we are introduced to: a woman spearfisher who expresses compassion for her prey, an endurance swimmer, a photographer who captures the vast expansiveness of the ocean with his camera, and expert surfers, including a man who feels it is his duty to teach children who have experienced trauma in their young lives to love the sea. They all share a common love and respect for the ocean.


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  • Freda

    so many voices, experiences and lives touched by our waters. beautiful

  • Margaret

    I was raised on lakes and swam from a very early age. To this day, I feel uncomfortable if I am not able to live near water. I have never been an athlete but knowing how to swim and feel comfortable in the water has always provided me with comfort and solace.

  • Ryan

    awesome video thanks for sharing!

  • Larissa

    Beautiful story aside, why did you qualify the spearfisher as a woman in your intro? That is sexist and disappointing.

  • Krisinda

    Gorgeous souls. They are each bravely living their lives in such authentic ways. I'm inspired to do the same. Thank-you

  • Michelle

    What Beautiful People - humility.

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  • Learn how the ocean has cast its spell on one man and his magnanimous response. 
  • Learn about The Edgewood Center and its work with children and families.
  • Who or what is casting its spell on you, drawing you to dedicate some of your time and energies in grateful appreciation? 

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