What is it about a sad song that we just can't turn off when we hear it on the radio? It is as if we tap into all the unexpressed hurt that lies hidden under our trying-hard-to-smile days when what we sometimes need is just a rainy day song to let us feel what is hidden inside our hearts. Like dogs or wolves who howl when they hear a person playing the violin on a mountaintop or an ambulance in the distance, something deep within us responds to the longing expressed in sad songs. In this profound, poetic talk, author Susan Cain invites you to embrace the feeling of longing -- or the place where joy and sorrow meet – as a gateway to creativity, connection and love. Accompanied by the splendid sounds of violinist Min Kym, Cain meditates on how heartache unexpectedly brings us closer to the sublime beauty of life.


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  • Music can affect our moods in myriad ways. Learn more here
  • Binaural beats are another tool for promoting healing of the body and mind. 
  • Set time aside soon in a quiet and nurturing space to listen to a sad song on purpose and allow it to open your heart so that  what needs to be released can find a voice. 

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