Timber Hawkeye has a very simple guide to happiness - 2 words: be grateful. Gratitude turns what we have into enough. In this TEDx talk, Hawkeye observes that all of our suffering is self-inflicted, and that we have a misguided notion that happiness is something we have to "pursue." He shares some simple prescriptions for inner peace and tranquility: slow down, sit. There is nothing you need to buy; nowhere you need to go. Just spend a few minutes each day taking inventory of everything in your life that is worth appreciating.


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  • Bill

    Where can I buy his Sit Happens tee shirt?

  • phil

    I have at times lived in the mindset but its so hard to remind yourself to love every asshole that wants to kick you down. Or circumstances telling you your short on the rent again. Its the crap that keeps kiccking me down and thus my mindset of gratitude suffers. However, he is very right. Once you get there in the mind set you feel the pressure of your bills, of relationships, work pressure all just miraculously lift and you realise you were imposing this crap upon yourself. Like waking up from a dream even though your not asleep. Poor sod was nervous to begin with, he got alot of courage to do what scars, suppose without there'd be no courage. Thanks for the video and for the wisdom.

  • Yogagirl14

    Poor @chuch. I'm grateful for your misunderstanding. You will find the light when you're ready. I see your comment as an invitation for enlightenment. Namaste chuch

  • chuch

    Pie in the sky nonsense, utter rubbish!

  • rosie

    :) :) YES....erm... yes and yes. I just planted 9397479180210810381030 seeds of compassion. so simple and wonderful. Thank you

  • steve

    The simple message, which we all need to understand

  • andrewtungsk

    It took me 66 years to realize that nothing i need to buy and nowhere i need to go to be happy.He speaks like the Buddha. I am grateful to be here.

  • Cyndy

    Thank you! Your message came to me at the right time ~ <3

  • Alan

    Everything kap.

  • Ryane

    Love this video! He is right! We just need to be more gentle ad kind and quite our mind smile and share our love:) We are all living here sharing this planet! We have had many inspirational leaders in this world but really they are just trying to awake us to exactly what he is saying. We can all be "inspiritational leaders" guiding one another to a more peaceful and loving life! Way to go! Being the peace!! namaste!!! Xoxox

  • Rehan Fernando

    Sameera, stop being judgmental without pragmatic evidence like a typical Sri Lankan . He is wearing a t-shirt of a person meditating, it could be Lord Buddha or your next door neighbor.

  • Sameera Jayanetti

    Please Remove the Lord Buddha image From Your T-shirt It Can’t Be Sell “Unfortunately, it is a basic Buddhist tradition to treat images of Buddhist deities with reverence. Having the images on T-shirts, shoes is disrespect to the Buddhists,”What inspired you about this video?

  • Sameera Jayanetti

    “Unfortunately, it is a basic Buddhist tradition to treat images of Buddhist deities with reverence. Having the images on shoes is disrespect to the Buddhists,”

  • Lani Starr

    So very true, we must focus on the positive and transform our minds by giving our heart to the divine all the time.

  • Perrii Muthuraman

    I take a pledge to find peace and happiness within myself. I realize that it is important to stop searching them outside and better to start look inward. I sit everyday and look inward. Yes I am grateful for everything and learning to express my gratitude as much as I can. In the process, I make others also to feel happy, I know. Timber delivered an interesting and captivating message. Thanks Timber.

  • sherry

    A true message that should be taught in schools across the world.

  • Catherine

    It's the truth

  • sandy

    I enjoyed it but I don't like at the beginning where he says its is CONSISTENTLY TRUE with EVERYONE (maybe who he met) but not everyone in this world. It is not true of everyone. I know many people that have health issues DO NOT eat bacon wrapped meatloaf and ice cream. they have died of cancer and didn't even eat chocolate! so please don't lump ALL people together. I know children that have died of a young age that didn't eat fast food. Same goes for those that "complain" about not having enough money....I know many that don't live in "gated" communities and are having a hard time. Yes even those that have all this suffering are trying to practice gratitude. sometimes hard when their child is dying in their arms. good lessons to share.

  • Mary

    St.Ignatius told us this centuries ago and it is truly the path to our inner joy!!! Thanks for the reminder and lovely presentation! I hope we can help the kids growing up in this entitled world by our own example. It all starts with me! So inpsired!

  • Donna

    So easy, so simple, so important! I am starting today!!!

  • Japahahaha

    This was a truly wonderful and touching video! I must say these has some Great lessons for the world in general! Even making Sit Happen in this day and age is difficult but once you start you will feel like going back xP twitter.com/Japahahaha

  • Tamilyn

    i love you and your message Timber .. and am GRATEFUL you choose to share with all of us instead of stay in those monastaries ..NAMASTE beauiful soul thank you for guiding with your light...

  • Krushna chaitanya

    My dear TIMBER, I am72, your message carries the essence of Indian Philosophy. The earnestness in your speech has touched me deeply. You are bestowed with a honest and clear HEART ! May the playful God give you long spirited LIFE to share this VISION. NAMASTE !

  • Jill Byers

    The sound and resonance in the voice of Timber Hawkeye as he speaks the simple words "be grateful" reveals that we must continue to speak. And most of all be grateful to continue to speak and resonate grate fullness.

  • Tracey

    A beautiful message Timber, thank you so very much. It is one of the most peaceful & inspiring things I have seen for a very long time.Namaste

  • Rita

    Beautiful message of Gratitude Timber! Thank you for the beauty and simplicity of your talk.

  • Deepak

    Thank you Timber for your message . It reminded me to go back to the core of my being , the purpose of my being on this planet .

  • Annette

    I respond so easily well to such an enlightened and authentic individual. Timber reminded me to go back to the Gratitude journal I've kept for years then stopped. I have so much to be grateful for and I do give thanks to God every day and to the people who inspire me every day.

  • victoria anderson

    It's everything I believe. Sit Happens...Namaste Timber

  • carl cary

    I am 76 years young, I would like to think I have more to give than me. I like the images of the monkeys, and the relaxation that must be learned. This sounds like a more better addition to my Christian Life.

  • Flower

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You have beautiful energy, Timber x

  • Regina

    THANK YOU for captioning your video to be inclusive of our 258M deaf brothers and sisters! God bless you~

  • Aly

    The fast action of appreciation and gratitude shifts ones perspective out of ______ (fill in the negative adjective that best describes the attatchemnt to the present condition) into a perspective of love. <3 We are the ones we are waiting for.

  • Marigrace

    Great reminder to slow down. I could FEEL the energy of his presence. Oh yes..."suffering is self-inflicted" I knew that but forget. Take that few minutes daily to sit & slow down. I'm going to do that!

  • BA

    His message resonates with me! if we are to save our planet we all have to find that spiritual place and act on it! We must be able to turn it into a revolution that can spread world wide!

  • Joan Marie

    Love the idea of Community Gratitude! My Standing Wave Yoga Teacher taught us to Inhale Gratefulness and Gratitude Exhale Humbleness and Humility...

  • Jen

    Jesus did a lot of meditating called prayer.

  • deana lawson

    it has reminded me to sit . silence can be frightening. it leaves me. with me. thank you for the stilness in my body and my mind.

  • V.Bush

    Oops......I mean the depth of sincerity:)

  • V.Bush

    My depth of sincerity is overwhelming:) WOW!!!!! And yes....it is all about gratitude and awareness:) Thank you!

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