A father's love is center stage in this magical video of reflections from the renowned pastry chef Milt Abel II as he describes his relationship with his father, legendary Kansas City jazz musician Milt Abel, Sr. This relationship formed Milt as he strove to be the best in his chosen field just like his father, "a great man, someone to aspire to be just like," was in his own field. The memories of his father, the love they shared that still lives in his heart, inform how he chooses to live his life.


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  • Tom

    As a lover of jazz and my father, this video brought back memories of my time with him, and how he served his roles of worker/provider and father. Having a wife and 4 kids, he did not have much time for what activities he enjoyed but he did golf and enjoyed watching sports. The father-son/daughter connection is so very important for the growth of the child and the parent. This was a wonderful story with an inspiring message...excel at your work and excel at your role as a parent

  • Gail Hamley

    The deep love, beauty and passion inspired me. This love of father to child instilled a freedom to create in his own manner. And, even or especially, during the father’s demise…the family did not impose anything on this child. Love is like that… without bound or boundaries. I always return home when my family needs me. It is my choice. That is love, too. The greatest lessons we can give our children is to know how to love and the freedom to be who they are.

  • Patrick Watters

    As a teenager I took up the trumpet 🎺 inspired by Miles Davis. Later I discovered that my true art lay in story, and so it goes… #anonemoose #monthlymagpie

  • stacy

    Beautiful film. It makes me think. Work. How it takes over insidiously or intentionally. It gives me a sense of value that I don`t get otherwise. It gives me a structure and focus, a role to play in society. It is a great gift when a person`s life`s work is their passion. If it is not, perhaps they findfulfillment in another role, perhaps in the family. For me work tends to be more satisfying than family time. I work with people in a respected role but at home, my role is cleaning the toilet, doing laundry, washing up, putting meals on the table and it all seems menial, repetitive unskilled and unappreciated. If my passion were for cooking for my family, that would be good. Also, not all family-life is smiles and meaningful connection. My familylife is fraught with emotional outbursts over annoyances, frustrations, expectations. We don`t get along if put together in a small space for a few days, but with work, things tend to flow. Everybody knows what they have to do and we are gracious with one another. That some people may have delightful family time and also be able to devote themselves to their work is a good life, a very good life, as it is often one or the other...perhaps neither.

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