When we acheive anything in life, we is the operative word. We are supported by the life choices and dreams of others. Kris Bowers, a virtuoso jazz pianist and film composer, recounts the collective story of his family. His 91-year-old grandfather traces their shared choices and dreams from Jim Crow Florida to the Walt Disney Concert Hall.


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  • Nadia

    The Concerto " To my younger self" beautiful conversation in music. Music of this kind that I have learnt to enjoy wby my dad whilst sitting in the parking lot waiting for my mum to finish work on Saturday afternoons. What a beautiful memory this just reminded me of.

  • Nadia

    What a beautiful story to have shared. It's all about you never giving up on your dreams and ambitions. Staying true to yourself and seeking better and how this opens opportunity " Never think if you're not supposed to be there because your supposed to be there' something like that. Wise man from a wise man that seen the world when it was a little darker than now. He believed that there was more out there for him and he made a life rich of so many things, breaking boundaries. Changing fate. So heroic. AND YES, grandparents and parents has alot to do with your current circumstances if they were apart of your life.

  • Helen

    Blessing and courage of the heart shine through the beauty of this deeply loving relationship. Awe-inspiring. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jasvinder

    The bond between the grandfather and grandson is just heartwarming. A journey in life which was quite melancholic and understandably difficult during a certain time in America.Kris's grandfather's sheer dynamic grit and determination to get ahead and achieve has been passed on to Kris.Bravo. Thank you for sharing. I felt so touched listening to this story.

  • Diana Turner-Forte

    Oh my gosh! What a beautiful story. And the composition was life-giving. Thank you!

  • Lalita Janke

    What inspired you about this video? The bond of joy and humble pride of the hard-earned successes shared between a grandfather and his grandson touched me. Their love for each other and the respect Kris has for his grandfather shines through Kris Bowers' eyes. Grandfather will leave a wonderful legacy to be always remembered. Thanks for sharing.

  • matt

    I was so struck by the imagery of both men pressing on pedals...a very inspiring story on the surface, and certainly the deeper story of the relationship between grandfather and grandson with lives lived across time and circumstance is touching. A profoundly human story.

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  • Listen to Kris talk about coming full circle from being inspired by to composing a score in honor of Aretha Franklin.
  • Learn more about the Great Migration, how many African Americans' collective hopes and dreams changed the course of American history.
  • Think of an important acheivement in your life, something you cherish. Seek out the stories of the collective "we" and celebrate them.

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