Robin Wall Kimmerer states: "You can't listen to the Thanksgiving Address without feeling wealthy. And, while expressing gratitude seems innocent enough, it is a revolutionary idea. In a consumer society, contentment is a radical proposition. Recognizing abundance rather than scarcity undermines an economy that thrives by creating unmet desires... The Thanksgiving Address reminds you that you already have everything you need... That's good medicine for land and people alike." This video of the Thanksgiving Address captures the multidimensional ways that the Haudenosaunee greet and give gratitude for the natural world.


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    That keeping a gratitude journal points me in the right direction every day!

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  • Read this beautifully illustrated version of the Thanksgiving Address.
  • Learn about the traditional planting of the "three sisters" - corn, beans and squash - that originated with the Haudenosaunee.
  • Do you have a daily thanksgiving ritual? Share it with us in the comment section of this video.

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