Tracey Schmidt's poetic reading of a Blessing for Our Death reminds us of the complexities of life - how we can be gatekeepers and entrance points, light filled and vulnerable, lonely and loved, all at the same time. She praises life and exhorts us to do the same, to "sing as if tomorrow will not come because one day it will not." This singing of life's praises enables us to live fully, "as if home were everywhere and you no longer a guest but a loved and welcome member."


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  • Becky

    This video appeared in my INBOX on the day I had to admit my partner to an in-patient Hospice Center after almost a year of struggling with cancer. This was a message of comfort and a feeling of being held by friends, family, caregivers and the Universe making his path easier as he transitions to what's next. Thank you so much Tracey.

  • Sandra Stanley

    It makes so much sense and I'm (at 81) thinking it would be welcome message for some of my like minded friends ... I also particularly appreciated the sand art.

  • Tracey Schmidt

    If anyone would like a copy of of this poem, just email me at It will be in my forthcoming book of poetry, but that is not out yet!

  • kunzang

    What inspired me? Tracey's authentic delivery with pristine timing, including pausing, expression... PS: Where is a copy of the poem "Blessing for our death"? I've searched without success. Thanks.

  • Debra

    What a beautiful uplifting blessing. Thank you Tracey <3

  • Jen

    everything! words and images

  • Barbara

    Livekindly, live simply so that others may simply live. Choose compassion over cruelty, go VEGAN.

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