A few days before she turned 61, writer Anne Lamott decided to write down everything she knew for sure. She dives into the nuances of being a human who lives in a confusing, beautiful, emotional world, offering her characteristic life-affirming wisdom and humor on family, writing, the meaning of God, death and more. Anne shares her hard-won and grounded truths about things we've all probably thought and worried about but couldn't articulate. Here, she reveals the way that writing has opened her up to life even in it's both painful and joyful moments.


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  • Try some writing exercises to open your mind and expand your self awareness through writing.
  • Learn more about Anne Lamott's books, her social media links and her approach to living with the complexity of life. 
  • Look for moments in your day where you can embrace a situation with humor and grace and let the love flow in as Anne Lamott suggests. 

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