"Revolutionary love is the choice to enter into labor for others who do not look like us, for our opponents who hurt us and for ourselves. In this era of enormous rage, when the fires are burning all around us,…revolutionary love is the call of our times." In this TEDWomen 2017 talk, Valarie Kaur gives us the antidote to rising nationalism, polarization and hate. In her journey from the birthing room to murder site, Kaur shows us how the choice to love is a force for justice: see no stranger, tend the wound of those around us and who have done us harm, breathe together as we push together in our work in the world.


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  • Sidonie Grace

    Deeply moved! Thank you, Valerie Kaur, from the bottom of my heart. Your passionate talk is so full of truth, yes, revolutionary love IS the answer. May we all have the strength and courage, desire and willingness to choose to embrace RL no matter what. Very challenging indeed, still, it's achievable, one step at a time. Namasté!

  • pea

    beautiful.... ummmmm the darkness is our transition to the light! It's all about love we are all connected.

  • Louise Leonard

    It reminded me that EVERYONE has a story—some it brings to deep love and compassion and others to anger and hatred. If only the leaders in all phases of our lives taught us to love—but then again, it depends on the narrative of their own stories. In our humanness we are broken but love can prevail. For those of us who are able, we have to keep it visible and alive!


    The feminine perspective on love, life and hatred. The embrace of all that is rather than the more masculine perspective of fight/conquer/control. The experience of birth in which fighting causes more pain and surrender to what is as a labor of love.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    I resonate deeply, when we hear the stories, we have the chance to see hearts and humanity, let us continue to love even when it is hard. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your heart.Forgiveness is freedom from hate, here's to seeing the hurt person, wounded who do not know how to do other than hurt. I've been speaking of this since before the election: hurt people, hurt people. May those of us who love, love even harder. <3 Thank you for reminding us.

  • Michael Buck

    Thank you, Valerie, for the wisdom of womb and heart forged into will for life and good among us. Dorothy Soelle said that suffering does not complain; it tells a story. On this Easter Sunday, I listened to your message of light that hopes to generate a love that penetrate darknesses of our time, tombs of hatefulness. I wish to keep sacred your own traditions and not call it by any other name. Wisdom has many siblings and I am honored through you to have met this family member.

  • Deepak

    Thank you Valerie . Touched , moved and Inspired . Love and it's three lessons are sorely needed in a world torn apart by hate , divisiveness and racism . Bless you for spreading this message .

  • Victoria

    Revolutionary love, the hardest love of all. We have to go very deep within to see the hate for which we are all capable of perpetrating on others.

  • Linda

    The article inspired me to read it as worldwide, all we mainly see is "rage", et.al. People think of "love" as a romantic experience when in indeed it is not. Besides the rage of countries against countries; people against others who do not agree to their opinions or look like the; down to the people who are causing me great distress, at no fault of my own. It is all trickling down from the heads of governments to the little people and eventually mankind will anniliate itself. Wanted to see if just this one idea could change the way I currently look at things. It takes one person at a time.

  • Rose Evans

    That love is not easy but is a powerful answer to hate. Love the stories that offer hope for all of us to fight for everyone.

  • Caroline Kuipers

    Thank you. In these difficult times I really appreciated Valerie's sharing. Thank you for this and what I can take with me for my volunteering work at home.

  • Deborah L Adams

    Thank you to Valerie Kaur for reminding us and bringing us to see our 'sweet laboring' in love. "'Revolutionary love' is the choice to enter into labor" indeed. As a Christian who is honoring Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter I believe that Valerie would be inspired by the witness of the women in the Christian traditions who stood at the foot of the cross of Jesus. Standing at the cross of Jesus was also 'revolutionary love' for it was dangerous and reckless and could land them on the cross. I am so glad and grateful for Valerie's language and imagery as listening to her TED talk for the first time today brings this Christian Holy Week to life in these raging times in which we lived. Valerie, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Blessing upon blessing on the Revolutionary Dream 2018: Compete the Dream gathering next weekend. Deborah L Adams, Everett, WA

  • Johanna Mathieu

    Beautiful presentation and so true. We can learn a great lesson here.

  • Randi Taylor

    The true teachings of Jesus Christ are confirmed in her three lessons of revolutionary love. He, too, was a revolutionary who taught the three lessons. Let us love ourselves and one another as Jesus and Valarie Kaur are teaching us so we see no stranger and we listen and hear the stories of other humans. Amen.

  • Patrick Watters

    Beautiful and so needed in our City of the Sacraments these days (Sacramento, CA).

  • Raju

    A truly inspiring talk. It brings out the ultimate truth that it is love which binds us all together, and only through loving ourselves can we love everybody and everything outside of us.

  • Lynn

    What a WONDERFUL talk! This is a FEMININE movement. The energy of the Divine Feminine to be seen, felt and celebrated for the evolution of the human experience and the ascension of ALL beings.

  • Nick Heap

    Her unflinching honesty, sharing her stories of practising revolutionary love and then challenging us all to do is extraordinarily inspiring. I was in tears for most of it. Thank you.

  • Ruth Kongaika

    What a loving mother and women who came before. Lovely tradition.

  • Nancy McKee

    What inspired you about this video? The Passion to share her joy so that others can be joyepus

  • Elizabeth Thompson

    “In Joy we see darkness in new eyes. It is not the darkness of the tomb but the darkness of the womb. Have a Warrior’s heart and a Saint’s eyes” words of Valarie Kaur

  • B.

    Valerie Kaur is a very beautiful woman/mother. I feel blessed that I could heare what Valerie said with words. It was a joy to see her moving on stage and the heart of " Revolutionary love" is powerfull.

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