This short TED talk is an invitation to slow down and look at the world around you. Graphic journalist Wendy MacNaughton illustrates how drawing can spark deeply human, authentic connections. This is not about doing a good drawing but more about looking and allowing yourself to really see what is before you and experiencing it fully. Ready to try? Grab a pencil and join MacNaughton for this delightful talk. "Drawing is looking, and looking is loving," she says.


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  • Kevin

    I loved that she was/is talking about many of those "invisible" people that we live with each day of our lives on the streets at the meal sites of any age Since I have been getting meals at such a place I've come to see that we are all the same people. We have or had parents, sisters or brothers in our lives who are a part of who we are, our histories. I see how much love we cal all have for each other when we drop the mask we wear each day.

  • Dean

    It illustrated what love of mankind is all about.

  • Gabriela

    She motivated me to keep looking and paying attention. I haven't tried the drawing, but I love to observe what I am seeing. Thank you great clip.

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  • Learn how making art can help us discover ways of being more mindful and aware of our inner and outer worlds.
  • Discover how art can be a source for positive social change. 
  • Consider carrying a small sketch pad to draw who you see in the world around you and allow yourself to really see another person. 

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