This short film "Ikebana" is an experimental documentary that reimagines the art of flower arranging. We tend to objectify plants and flowers when making arrangements, but this film invites the viewer to interact with the flowers as a way to enter into their world and be transformed in gentle and subtle ways. Learning that "In every arrangement there is line, color and intangible spirit" is just one step in to the world of Ikebana. Connecting different practices and perspectives through cinematic assemblage, the film witnesses plants as living, permeable vehicles that hold everyday memories and poetics.


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  • Lynne

    Thank you. I have been attracted to Ikebana as art and meditation. This presentation and the links in the text, have given me a beautiful introduction to this ritual.

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  • Create your own Ikebana arrangement following the directions in this article
  • Explore ways to improve your connection to nature, and also your mental health, by spending time outdoors.
  • Take a walk and notice the "line, color and intangible spirit" in the arrangements you see in nature.

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