We each have "something a lot of others don't." That something can feel like a handicap until we discover it's Hidden Potential. All it takes is someone to mirror it back to us as a gift.


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  • Sandip Sheta

    “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.”

  • Ray Fisk

    Thank you for this wonderful video. It brought tears to my eyes because the story echoes my childhood experience at ten years old. Because of my hearing loss as a young child, I still could not correctly pronounce most words, including my name. My teachers were frustrated and convinced I should be relegated to "special education" classes. Fortunately, my stubborn refusal, with my parent's support, enabled me to take speech therapy classes and still take regular classes. Every child deserves a chance to reach their potential!

  • Gabriela

    The difference one can do with emphaty, love, and compassion. Thank you it was a wonderful clip.

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  • Maybe you know someone with dyslexia who could use someone to help them.
  • We all need a believing mirror to help us see our hidden potential.
  • Is there something you have that feels like a handicap in your life? What might change if you embraced it for it's hidden potential? Can you be a believing mirror for someone else's "something"?

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