A small change in the direction of one person's life can set off a whole series of changes in the world. Such is the hidden message within the award winning short documentary made in 2023 by Searchlight Studios. In a nondescript warehouse in the heart of Los Angeles, a dwindling handful of devoted craftspeople maintain over 80,000 student musical instruments, the largest remaining workshop in America of its kind. Were it not for these dedicated people who keep the musical instruments in working order, students would not have access to music. Yet, what becomes clear is that had not each crafts person also received a helping hand in their own lives, they would never have found their way into the job at the Los Angels schools themselves. Meet four unforgettable characters whose broken-and-repaired lives have been dedicated to bringing so much more than music to the school children of the recording capital of the world. Watch "The Last Repair Shop," directed by Ben Proudfoot and Kris Bowers.


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  • June

    Oh my gosh. What an amazing documentary. Unbelievable. Brought tears to my eyes and at the same time made my heart sing. Incredible. Just Incredible.

  • Llyn

    This touched me on so many levels. Fantastic!

  • Josie Gulliksen

    Everything... and I just started watching it!

  • Diana

    This was a meaningful and hopeful story. The arts are invaluable in the development of children. Knowing that that there are people out there who value musical instruments and see the beauty in the broken is so inspiring. and understand how an instrument can change a child’s life restores my belief in humanity. Amen.

  • Steven

    What a well-done, evocative movie. A reminder on the power of a kindness, a first chance, a new start, to be able to follow one's heart and passion. From the bottom of my now full heart to yours - thank you!

  • Barbara

    When you have time, this is uplifting.

  • Miriam

    Lovely care and inspirational hope and healing. Thank you

  • Dianne

    THIS is something AI can't repair!!! Such a skill, such a gift...all the metaphors...

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  • Read more about the Los Angeles music in the schools program in this interview with the director Kris Bowers. 
  • Discover how music brings people together and has the potential to change lives through social change. 
  • What small way can you offer a helping hand to someone else so that they might discover the joy of living through music or some other art form? 

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