Investing and finance aren’t exactly fields synonymous with mindfulness and kindness, but some companies are starting to change that. During his annual review at an investment firm, Birju Pandya's boss looked at him and said, "You've done well. What do you want?" Pandya, now a senior advisor at RSF, calls it "the 'Godfather offer'" of the investment bank world. His mind teetered on the verge of a typical answer and then he took a totally different tack, "I'd like to start every team meeting we have with a minute of silence," he said. There was a long pause, then came the definitive answer, "No," his boss said. But the next morning, perhaps after reflecting on all that his employee could have asked for instead, he softened and agreed to the unconventional request. An intriguing first step, but even he couldn't have anticipated what would unfold from there over the next few years. In this brief video, Pandya shares the compelling domino effect of the collective mindful minute at work.


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  • Learn more about the story behind RSF Finance and its belief that 'direct, transparent and personal relationships are essential to healing the economy, one that is based on generosity and interconnectedness.'
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