Serotiny refers to the process of seeds using the destructive power of fire to trigger the germination of new growth. On the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, the organization Lead to Life gathered in Atlanta to honor the life of gun victims by putting weapons of killing through fire to forge shovels; plant trees to honor those lives with shovels created from that process; and share the journey with others in public ceremony. Share in the ceremony of this magical process.


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  • tim

    GREAT Ideal; similar rituals could be done in so many ills in society.I am inspired to try to do something

  • Deborah

    The High Vibration Transmutation brought forth by these People and These Souls - the Healing of human miscreation - touches all Life and the Earth with Healed Wholeness....... We are Blessed by this Deeply Loving Creative Action ..... In Loving Gratitude...... Namaste

  • Agata

    Sorry, i meant no guns :)

  • Agata

    I hope there will be guns someday in the future. Thank you for making this beautiful documentary.

  • Patricia

    The beautiful and creative idea of forging shovels from weapons of killing and planting trees with them to honor the lives of gun victims. I hope this happens in many places as it's a strong statement of peace.

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  • Donate a weapon to be forged or a tree to be planted by contacting Lead to Life.
  • Learn more about the Spiritual Ecology Fellowship that nurtured the young pioneering founders of Lead to Life.
  • Reflect on a place of darkness in your heart. Write your sorrow on a slip of paper. Burn the slip. Tuck the ashes next to the roots of a plant and water them in. Honor the transformation.

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