Women in Vellore, India, have resurrected the Naganadhi river and the agriculture of the area that were almost lost to drought. In 2014, the women took matters into their own hands and worked with engineers and hydrologists to build 600 recharge wells by hand: digging wells, making cement rings, placing the rings and stones, and planting drought-resistant saplings along the river basin. This labor-intensive work has resulted in wells that help replenish the groundwater. They have not only brought a dead river back to life, but have ensured their children do not endure the hardship they did.


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  • Find out how the women of the Kammavaapettai village united for the Naganadhi river. 
  • Become part of the growing movement to protect rivers and defend the rights of communities that depend on them.
  • Learn more about river rejuvenation through eco-friendly, scientific interventions in India at the International Association of Human Values, a partner of Art of Living.

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