Everyone needs to buy things. But we tend not to spend our money in a way that is both collective and socially conscious. So Carrotmob, a new environmental advocacy group, had an idea: what if those seeking the same kind of product got together, pooled their dollars, and used them to collectively support local companies that were also doing the most for the environment? Watch what happened when Carrotmob pulled a big crowd together to spend a lot of money at the local liquor store with the strongest environmental commitment. If we live our values, business can--and does--listen.


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  • Tim

    Politicians and businesses beleive they are the drivers of the economy. This video proves it is the people who drive the economy.

  • Jonathan Melhuish

    We organised a CarrotMob in London and will organise another soon. For more info or help with starting your own, seewww.CarrotMobUK.org

  • Tina Vandersteen

    Powerful message.We can do things together to make a difference.I will start by posting this message on my facebook profile right away:)

  • Tehranchik

    please come to Portland, Oregon. New Seasons grocery stores are a perfect fit for you.

  • JD

    No need to wait for others. Be a Carrotmob of one. Buy eco-smart ALL THE TIME! You are the change. Cheers.

  • Martha

    What a WONDERFUL idea! I am in ECSTASY!!!

  • ElizabethAnne

    Carrotmob..you are the change! Totally inspirational. Thank you :)

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  • Learn more about Carrotmob or get involved with their efforts.

  • Read this article about the role of social responsibility in business by economist Milton Friedman and Whole Foods CEO John Mackey.

  • Organize a similar initiative in your own neighborhood. Harness the power of one--and watch it become the power of many!

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