The world is running out of fresh water and the privatization of water is making it increasingly a commodity available only to the wealthy. Should water be an industry, or a basic resource available to all? This trailer for the film "Flow" poses that and other questions surrounding a resource long taken for granted.


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  • heather

    educate yourself about the quality of water that is in your life.

  • Mike

    The thing about corporations is in my opinion that if there is a demand for something no matter what it is, they will capitalize on it.

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  • Watch the award winning movie "Flow", and read more about this movie here. Sign Article 31 - the Right to Water here.

  • When you are about to buy a bottle of water or coke, stop to think where the water could be coming from. Read here what National Geographic has to say.

  • Freshwater is very precious. Save some of this precious commodity by taking shorter showers and closing the tap when you are not using the water flowing out.

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