Richard St. John set about answering a question he was asked by a teenager on a flight to the TED conference: What leads to success? After 500 interviews over seven years, St. John came up with eight key ingredients. He digests his two hour presentation for high school students in three and a half minutes in this TED talk.


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  • Joice Joker

    This video speaks truth. Although my financial success has not yet kicked in, I'm asked many times to collaborate with others, create new products and change the world - one mindgasm at a time. I love my work as it liberates women (and men) from the shackles of the wrong kind of fear and transforms it into the kind of fear that has them at their best - excitement.

  • Brandi

    That it is all true. I truly believe if you work hard..become a sponge to your mentors..learn all you can. Soak up the knowledge you will be successful. Without failure there is no success!

  • manju

    I have a friend who does everything for love, not for money. May god bless her.

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