For 33 years, Fred Rogers -- known to one-and-all as Mister Rogers -- invited children into his television "neighborhood" to teach them inquisitiveness, ethics, and self-belief. When honored with an Emmy Award for lifetime achievement, Mister Rogers delivered a thank-you speech very much in keeping with his role as educator and role model -- using ten very special seconds of silence.


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  • Sahara

    What motivated me was a deep sense of gratitude ..Do we really have time to sit back a few second to recall those people who have touched our lives??? We are in the age of 'TAKING THINGS FOR GRANTED'..Thank you for this video

  • Adriana

    The kindness in the air, in the faces of everyone' in the room and beyond. The gratitude and kindness Mister Rogers was capable of inspiring with his presence and his words. It was a magic scene

  • Jyoti

    Soft and caring voice is what makes magic! And 10seconds of silence bring more humility to me than perhaps an hour of guidance

  • Mary

    He really said nothing about himself....just his thanks and inviting us to think of those who have helped us. The ten seconds was stunning! So selfless!!

  • Cindy

    Love this ... And all the 'ten second' ones:)

  • Rachel

    I loved Mr. Rogers while growing up. He was the one voice of positive reinforcement. He made a difference in my life and my husband's. And, now, my daughter enjoys watching him, too. He was a great person who touched many lives.

  • Simone

    His presence, his heart his humanity...A Beautiful,giving soul.

  • mr. d.k.oza

    Simplicity, sincerity, directness. Overwhelming !!!

  • Kris

    I am currently 62 and 1/2 years old, I watched Mr. Rogers with my 33 year old wonderful daughter when she was 3 years old. She knew that after Mr. Rogers it was time for her to go to preschool and time for me to go to work (her dad had left for work earlier) She and I loved him so much. When he said "I like you just the way you are" I would repeat it to my daughter and to myself, when I dropped her off at preschool. He actually got me through my work day missing my child so much. I still tell my self everyday that "Mr. Rogers likes me just the way I am" and it still gets me through my rough patches. I love you Mr. Rogers, rest in peace you were sent to the world to save us from ourselves. Hello to your wife, children, and Grandchildren who I know are loved "just the way they are"

  • Linda

    Fred himself. What a genuinely fine and upright man. His simple message and warm twinkly-eyed smile filled the children with tender sweetness...and we moms upsorbed it as well, over the shoulders of our little ones. Thanks, Mr. Rogers!

  • Deirdre

    As always he has the ability to make people think and reflect. He has been a wonderful example of God's love

  • Candace

    I watched his program pretty regularly as a very young kid, and always though that no one could be so kind in real life. Later, when attending University in Mr Rogers' real-life neighborhood, we would see him on campus or around town from time to time. He greeted strangers and friends alike with the same genuine warmth. He was a wonderful part of the community.

  • Baba Gonzalez

    I cried after watching this video, my son used to watched this everyday, but my son is in heaven now, in 10 seconds of silence, I thought about God and my son who is with HIM now, in heaven. Thank you Mr. Rogers

  • Sam

    What a sweet, gentle, inspiring man. I've never seen him before but he seems like a bringer of greatness into many people's lives.

  • Mary

    My two year old son used to refer to Mr. Rogers as Rog. "Shhh,Rog is on!" I can still hear my boy's voice twenty three years later. There was a genuine kindness and caring that Mr. Rogers emanated that small creatures instantly gravitated towards. What a lovely speech, giving credit to others rather than grabbing the glory and acclaim for himself.

  • Shannon Sweeneyf

    Mister Rogers is one of the most significant people in my 61 years of life. A truly great man -- a saint.

  • Don Coles

    It allowed me one moment to be with my folks who are no longer here but in consciousness they reside.

  • Tina

    Mr. Rogers was an amazing contribution in turning our my beautiful children.

  • Tracey

    I think what he means is 'It takes a couple to love someone into being, but it take their community to raise them into whole, functioning members of society...we are all responsible in part with how we all turn out as adults, we need more Mr Rogers' xxx

  • Suzie

    His slow and careful manner of speaking from the heart. And the silence -- so rare.

  • Cheryl

    His speech brought back my memory of my daughter watching every morning. She would always call out his name....and talk about the neighborhood trolley.

  • Angelica

    All of us have special someones who have loved us into being

  • Stacey

    No man is an island. There is no "I". It's a wonderful soup called "us-ness" that really feeds the "all".

  • George

    I came to appreciate Mr. Rogers when I watched him with my children. None of us is self-made. Gratitude to those who took t i m e to care for and teach us is entirely appropriate.

  • Connie

    the humility,gratitude.and the silence. I loved his neighbourhood

  • Sheila

    The humble sense of needing each other and the gratitude to those who have helped each of us along the way.

  • Ed

    His genuine humility and sense of community…

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  • Fred Rogers was a brilliant media innovator who communicated in a personal, direct way to make kids feel good about themselves and comfortable in this world. Review his impressive television career.
  • Mister Rogers wasn't just a leader in childhood development, he was also a key early advocate for public television. Relive his stirring 1969 testimony before the US Senate.
  • Take ten seconds in silence to think of the people who are responsible for helping to shape your life.

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