"Once in a while you are given an incredible opportunity to really make a difference in one family's life," said a group of volunteers in a small Canadian town of Kelowna. Just like a popular reality TV show, their idea was to demolish and then rebuild a new house -- yes, a whole new house! -- for an amazing family of nine in their community. There was only one caveat: it was 100% community funded! That's right. 45 contractors, hundreds of volunteers, and a whole lot of love. Watch the news clip about the demolition and the follow-up video of what happened on Dec 11, when the family actually moved in!


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  • Watch the "Reveal" video to see move-in, and leave a comment of gratitude on the Project Family Room message board.

  • Look into donating housing supplies to those who need it.  Volunteer to help build a home.

  • Gather a group to serve a member of your community: a blood drive, a hospice care group, you name it.  The ideas are endless!

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