Don Alverto Taxo of the Atis people of Ecuador is dedicated to bringing ancient wisdom into modern living. He travels and teaches in the United States and Europe, encouraging individuals to bring more heart and intuition to their daily lives. "My invitation is to do it," he says. "We all feel the need to live in harmony with all the manifestations of life."


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  • meiling

    I hope the prophecy of the technology enhancing and promotin harmony with nature is true. i need some hopeful prophecies for a world that appears to be power hungry and full of greed and materialism. Don Taxco has a gently radiant, honest smile and I imagine an honest and radiant soul.

  • cindy

    Mr. Taxo understands the real meaning of joy and happiness..the presence and time spent with our loved ones. Technology is good, too. It helps to bring us together. He radiates sincerity.

  • Anonymous

    Please spell the name of the Quechuan people correctly.

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  • Learn more about the biography of Don Alverto Taxo.
  • Alverto Taxo is a spiritual leader of the Quechuan people on the Andes.  In the late 90s, he had a vision of an eagle and a condor flying together--and has been spreading the wisdom of the elders ever since.
  • Help translate the full interview with Don Alverto in other languages.

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