Since 1979, Benjamin Zander has been the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic. He is known around the world as both a guest conductor and a speaker on leadership -- and he's been known to do both in a single performance. He uses music to help people open their minds and create joyful harmonies that bring out the best in themselves and their colleagues. In this TED Talk video, Benjamin Zander does his magic yet again -- he talks about classical music, life, and throws in some Chopin for good measure.


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  • Christina Thomas-Fraser, Encinitas, CA

    Benjamin Zander speaks from the Soul to the Soul in each listener. It is a blessing and a privilege to experience this. Christina Thomas-Fraser, Encinitas, CA

  • Linda Gard

    How beautifully contagious his joy. The piece he plays of Chopin is to me home. What an ideal way to start the day...a cup of coffee and Benjamin Zander Linda Gard

  • Arun Debnath, London

    I'm am proud to say, I just love this man and his 'work' an I'm not gay.

  • Donna

    So inspiring...with the educational systems so eager to cut back for budgets, sadly the area of the arts and music is always the first to be cut...what a tragedy for our youth...this was absolutely wonderful thank you for sharing...

  • binod singh


  • Andy

    My finacee forwarded this to the most important people in her life, because of the depth to which it moved her. What a beautiful view of the world and our place in it.

  • Mariette

    I highly recommend reading Zander's book "Art of Possibility" filled with life and leadership lessons. He and his wife write like he talks.

  • Varsha Sharma

    Beautiful soul.Excellent, inspiring and full of life. For me this is another example of beauty lies in the eye of beholder. It is all about your perspective and interpretation of life and this world.

  • Kavita Mehta

    Amazing! He knows how to create an impact through his spontaneous style of expression through words and music. Beautiful! Iam watching it for fourth time and this wont be the last time.

  • KB

    I love this man!

  • KT

    Great clip. very uplifting and inspirational

  • Cathy

    Positively beyond spectacular. Every person, no matter where in their own life path will benefit from hearing this!

  • Dev

    Unbelievable speaker, so inspiring. I have been recommending this to everyone I meet! Your mind and heart will be touched.

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  • Take a visit to see the Boston Philharmonic, where Mr. Zander conducts, or pick up a book on classical music.
  • Visit his website for more, or continue watching more discussions by Mr. Zander.
  • Have you made someone's eyes shine lately? Think about how you can help awaken the latent potential in someone close to you.

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