World renown sand artist Ilana Yahav uses only her fingers to make magnificent sand drawings on glass. This piece's theme is "You are not alone. You've got a friend, who will help you through your pains and sorrow and will always be at your side." Watch as she seamlessly flows from one picture to the next, creating a beautiful world from the effortless movement of her fingertips.


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  • Mrinmoy Das

    need not so-called civilisation to fall in love with any living creature & it's a natural fenomenon


    that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen someone did with their hands and sand,it was quite soothing together with the music. God bless her and those pair of creative hands.

  • Gurudatt Kundapurkar

    The casual grace, the simplicity, the boldness and the precision the smoothness, the pace, the spontaneity, the amazing birthing of next from the earlier design, the surprising variety are just a tiny glimpse of the Unending Divine Design. Indebted, indeed, to you Ilana for providing such a nano spiritual experience ! No less elevating was the background music.

  • Arun Chikkop

    Talent never lets people down..Great job.. GOD BLESS U

  • winston morrison


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