Hazel McCallion is a wonderful example of leadership for many reasons: she has been the mayor of Mississauga, Ontario for 30+ years, re-elected 10 times, and is responsible for a debt-free district while creating a vibrant downtown. She's done all this with great energy and enthusiasm while approaching 90 years old! Watch her interact with others and you'll find her smile to be contagious!


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  • jack

    I'm sorry, I think she proved she was corrupt when she tried to hand her son $5million

  • Kaighdeigh

    I live in the city Hazel runs. She is simply amazing. We adore her here. She is an absolute force, and dedicated public servant. We are lucky to have her.

  • Marylou

    I would love her to be the Prime Minister of Canada. She has my vote

  • Becca

    Although I think Hazel is inspiring, it should be noted that being elderly does not constitute being the hardest working mayor in North America. I personally know other mayors who have put many years of their lives (40+) into serving their community -- perhaps not the entire time as mayor, but definitely in the political arena. I think Hazel is amazing, but perhaps the title of the piece should not be quite so all-encompassing.

  • Ashley

    She's my hero!

  • alis5005

    A wonderful human being, an inspiration. who is making her community better and role modeling an alternative to focusing on the many losses that come with aging. A person who loves life.

  • Jackie

    Maybe there's still hope. Need our Mayors and Representatives to meet with her.

  • E C Lugtu

    Super, super mayor, super grandma. We need thousands of your kind here in the Philippines.

  • Maureen Johnson

    What a blessing for the town of Mississaga! Hazel should be an example for all of us! I wonder if she's interested in coming to the USA and teaching what she has learned over these many years to our Senate, Congress and President? Now would be the time. THANK YOU HAZEL!

  • Cay Denise

    What a career and a phenomenal inspiration!

  • Kelly

    This is wonderful! Hazel is quite an inspiration.

  • Marilyn

    finally a good example for our young people to get into poliltics

  • Debra J.M. Smith

    Wow... What a woman! Can she come down here to America and teach some of our Mayors how it's done? heh... Debra J.M. Smith of Informing Christians :o)

  • karthik

    very awesome video ... she's an inpiration and such a wonderful human being ... thanks!

  • Liv / One Year of Beauty Blog

    I love this!!! What an amazing woman - such an inspiration. What a dynamo! Thank you so much for sharing her story - and the music video is priceless! :) Liv @www.oneyearofbeauty.com

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