Philosopher Alan Watts reflects that "in music, one does not make the end of the composition, the point of the composition." This lively and comical animation compares our journey through life with music, and comes to a very thought-provoking conclusion.


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  • Leo

    Life,so more complex and beautifully that we think.let's protect our earth,our home.Let's think. Of others,of the future.. of our kids and kid'S kid.Mr Watts was a man ahead of his and our time.

  • Andrew

    So simple. I really connect with Alan Watts and his approach to life. Context is obviously really important, but the message is easily applied to non-western societies. Life is a dance, no matter where we are and if the music isn't loud enough...then it's our job to turn it up!

  • Lynn

    Very ....."Western" orientated.

  • Judith Geiger

    I am sending this link to all of my clients! A great example of slowing down and enjoying EACH DAY as it comes. There is so much to be had NOW!!!

  • Cheryl Frei

    This is beautiful! Thank you, ~Cheryl Holding the latern

  • Faye

    So sweet. Very true!

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  • Check out some beautiful lyrics reflecting Alan Watt's philosophy in Van Morrison's Alan Watts Blues

  • Can you use music to improve someone else's journey? Watch the great conducter Ben Zander talk about how he uses music to open minds.

  • For each day this week, sing or share one of your favorite songs with someone else. Or make your own music!

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