Having suffered enormous personal losses due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Malawi, Marie Da Silva, a nanny working in Los Angeles decided to set up the Jacaranda Foundation. The Foundation, run on Marie's personal earnings, donations & volunteer support, endeavours to provide education & food to the children of Malawi, most of whom have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS.


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  • Judy

    How wonderful, I wish you all the success in the world with your venture.

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  • Read about the HIV/AIDS situation in Malawi to fully appreciate the extent of Marie's efforts.

  • Learn more about the Jacaranda Foundation and how you can help this noble cause

  • Contribute to the global fight against HIV/AIDS by participating in AIDS awareness campaigns, volunteering or donating to organizations like the Jacaranda Foundation, or even by showing your kindness to someone suffering from HIV/AIDS !

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