A Thousand Ones is a documentary on the Gamo Highlands, one of the most densely populated areas of rural Africa that has been practicing sustainable farming for thousands of years - A practice that is inherently binded to the spiritual & religious views held by the Gamo people.


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  • Mariah

    What inspired you about this video? The facts put forward here described the destructive nature of unfettered capitalism on the planet, on precious ad valuable cultures, and on individuals. Seeing the physical health and vitality of these Africans compared with their western translated relatives is a sad and clear condemnation of the hubris and greed of western and so-called Christian hubris. The planet has lost and is losing such vital spiritual, intellectual and physical wisdom. A tragedy!

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  • Learn more about how you can support the cause of  sustainable agriculture and combat the global food crisis.
  • A remarkable analogy to the outlook of the Gamo people is Bob Randall's observation that "The Land Owns Us."
  • Take a pledge to add one good green practise (for example - a shorter shower, carry your own bag to do groceries) into your daily routine today and try it for the next 10 days. Maybe it will become a only lasting habit :-)

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