The Dervaes family wasn't pleased with the direction big farming was going. But they didn't sit around and wait for someone else to come up with a solution for them. Over several decades, they worked to transform the yard space around their house into a grassroots, family-operated, urban homestead located in the midst of the city of Pasadena, CA. Today, they not only grow their own food, but also use alternative energy and fuel sources, practice waste reduction, and overall try to live simply and inspire others through their example.


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  • karthik

    this is just so inpsiring - their stand is a powerful one! i will take on doing this in my garden

  • annie c

    thank you - i feel affirmed - someone is doing this! i can do it, too!

  • Patrick N. Paternott

    Very much as I love ornamental plants and trees and these will have a place in our garden, the majority of the space will be devoted to plants that will feed our family and set an example.....Thank you....I will pass this on. Patrick N.P.

  • liz gaige

    Love it! We have a thriving community garden program in Vancouver, BC but never enough plots for all who are interested. If more people with yards were willing to share the space I bet we'd have huge urban gardens everywhere you looked. Explore your community, become partners in urban gardening!

  • Geri Taran

    My love of the natural world is tempered by what I have become used to in my life. As a 75 year-old woman living alone, I have often thought about finding just the right housemate to help me with an organic garden to feed myself and having some excess to share. I have a good start, a long-established compost pile and a small organic garden area but insufficient expertise to grow the food. In Georgia we have a fairly long growing season and though it isn't like California, much can still be grown year around. Seeing this video has inspired me to try harder. I don’t think I’ll use a bicycle to grind flour or hand-crank my blender, but I can most assuredly grow beautiful things to eat. Thanks!

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  • Read more about the evolution of this Homegrown Revolution and how the Dervaes family is trying to be the change by living the solution.
  • Start your own green revolution! Try growing a few plants in your garden, balcony or even your kitchen. Support your local farmers. Add one eco-friendly habit to your lifestyle every week.
  • Think about an issue that you feel strongly about. What steps can you take today to work towards a positive solution?

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