The Inner Life of the Cell is a fascinating animation demonstrating various biological mechanisms that occur within the cells of the human body. When teaching biology, professors will often generate 3D animations to demonstrate certain concepts to their students in a much more visual way than would otherwise be possible. In the case of The Inner Life of the Cell the creators aimed for a much more cinematic, as opposed to academic, feel.


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  • Tony

    Amazing!! I have often thought for years about just how small we are in the creating of life. This film confirms my believe I that our earth, universe, galaxy, this thing call space, is comparable to a simple cell in the bigger scheme of what constitutes a life. This should be mandatory viewing in every family household, science class, medical clinic, doctors office, hospital, university, ..... ABORTION CLINICS!! How can there be any doubt or dispute on when does life begin in a fetus!! AMAZINGLY, BREATHE TAKING

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