How amazing would it be to start the first day of school receiving random acts of kindness from your fellow students? Last year, a hundred students at Kansas State huddled early in the morning to see just how they could pool their time, money and creativity to surprise (and perhaps shock!) their fellow students with unexpected generosity. From a welcome applause to paying for meals to wowing a driver with parallel park assistance, this is a video that'll make you smile.


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  • Bradley

    Students helping students! There is so much good in the world. FYI, here is the new link to K-State Proud:

  • hamza awan


  • Selma

    Kindness is so powerful! With a little efforts, results are multiplied to the infinite level! So much better than complaining about miseries life hands us!

  • Bel

    Three years ago I offered to give a fellow student a ride home because her fiance was delayed at work. Today, she and her fiance are the dearest friends in my life. I'm so happy and grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve another. Students helping students :-) it's a beautiful thing... Thank you for sharing this wonderful, happy video!!! :-) With gratitude always :-)

  • Mr. Sanchez

    This video immediately put a smile on my face. This video is beautiful. These acts of kindness are phenomenal. Makes me want to go to K-State! Can someone invite me please :)

  • nicki

    What inspired you about this video? Heart warming!

  • ANU

    GREAT........ & AMAZING VIDEO.......

  • Neenu.p

    really g8...................... amazing story....

  • Nikki

    It renews my faith in humanity - reminds me that there are good people everywhere doing great things to bring joy to others :)

  • Anshu

    inspires to be kind no matter what, how n where.. :)

  • seema mishra

    wonderful spirit and great cause...

  • kate

    This absolutely made my day! I'm forwarding to my own college kids. Thanks for the day brighetner...

  • Linda

    Proud of those PowerCats AND to be A PowerCat!

  • Ralph


  • Jay

    Love it! Gentleness generates more gentleness...beautiful spiral

  • Gretchen

    My sister has been doing this with her first graders for years. . . but they don't involved money - instead "Random Acts of Joy."

  • Linet

    Twinkle little star in the morning Bravo

  • Arun Solochin (Chikkop)

    isn't this how all colleges and schools ought to behave???

  • Dan

    Amazing story of how fantastic young people are

  • Annie

    It's the beginning of a new world i crave for more and more people and have begun to live in

  • sasi

    The random acts of kindness/altruism! People banding together for the greater good...its so beautiful to see!

  • Sapphire

    The random acts of kindness/altruism! People banding together for the greater good...its so beautiful to see!

  • Marlon

    This video inspired me to think more about the idea we have had of keeping the resources of our big community of friends (nothing quite as defined as going to school together) and creating a way to raise money as well as providing help that would be available to members of the community when they needed it because if I were in a position where I needed help I would want someone to be there for me as well.

  • Kathi


  • PEACEfestUK

    Mindful Collective objectives bring good things

  • Manuella

    Lesson for successful Life!

  • Ruth

    This video inspired me to think more about the idea we have had of pooling the resources of our extended community of friends (nothing quite as defined as going to school together) and creating a fund that would be available to members of the community when they needed it.

  • Joyous Jeff

    There is hope in the world.

  • Barbara Belkoff

    What fun to watch and to know that this is our future. So proud. Not enough publicity on this kind of stuff on the 6 oclock news around the country! Shame on us as a society!

  • Sue

    It's great to see young people actually caring about others, thank you for sharing this. It's given me hope.

  • Ingrid

    It made think of all those times I have not done things for people who surround me. It motivated me to motivate others to start doing simple but amazing things to make someone else, amazingly happy!

  • Alyssa

    This was beautiful! :)

  • Margery

    What inspired you about this video? The goodwill in each of these students' hearts -- truly Love in action. Thank you for a beautiful start to my day, and for inspiring me to more kindness.

  • Paula

    This was so great to start my day made me smile and cry at the same time.....seeing such beautiful loving kindness and generosity of spirit coming from these students..just love it!!

  • Sandra

    This video was so great! It made me start the day on a positive note.

  • Erica McElrath

    This video made me cry. I loved the kindness that the students did & keep up the good job. From (The Happy Lady STL)

  • Azaniah

    The Gift Economy is the oikonomia (houshold management) of the universe, but only a handful of humans understand how it works. It is a blessing to see it in action here.

  • Larry

    Wat u guys did is very courageous, friendly, heart warming. the stories that we read about all your good deeds are with no doubt the best of all things anyone can ever bring themselves to do... love you guys all the way from South Africa!

  • Connie

    So very creative and awesome. I bet it is a ton of fun and I hope the idea catches on!!! THANKS for sharing the video!

  • Sarah Schipelliti

    This is Sooo amazing!! I want to start something like this at my university....and in my hometown...and in my state...who am I kidding, there needs to be something like this for the world! :) so inspiring!! :) stay positive

  • juli

    It is a wonderful thing to help the newies, takes away the anxiety and blessings always come back to those who give them...

  • Rineke van Voorn

    just great. Thank you this is beautiful and inspiring

  • Ayesa

    this is awesome! so much hope for the future!!!

  • magdy

    wonderful a good start

  • Jacinda Short

    I love this video so much! Thanks for sharing it. It's so inspiring! They are making such a wonderful difference in so many lives! This video has inspired my day yaaay :)

  • kat jackson

    yup....being the change...walking the talk...with grace and humor! yeah k state!

  • Arlan Berglas

    Check out and the World Peace One Game

  • bummiggity

    this is inspiring! my favorite one was when they carried one student across the sidewalk & how the gang paid for one student's meal! :)

  • tupelo222

    Beautiful! Really great to be able to celebrate the generosity of these kids! Kindness is contagious....

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