Blake Mycoskie wanted to get away from it all. After founding and running four businesses and losing by a sliver on The Amazing Race, he escaped last January to Argentina, where he learned to sail, dance the tango and play competitive polo. He also visited impoverished villages where few, if any, children had shoes. "I was sitting on a field on a farm one day, and I had an epiphany," says Mycoskie, who had taken to wearing alpargatas--resilient, lightweight slip-on shoes with a breathable canvas top and soft leather insole traditionally worn by Argentine workers. "I said, I'm going to start a shoe company, and for every pair I sell, I'm going to give one pair to a kid in need." After he sold his first 10,000 pairs, he went to Argentina to give away 10,000 pairs. See what happened.


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  • P. George

    Yep, you buy $89 shoes and donation is an alpargata which costs what $5 ??


    We encourage you to support Tom's Shoes and their efforts. For like minded people, you may also be interested in where we donate a blanket to those in need for every blanket sold. Hip hip hooray for the One for One movement! We are founded on the three core values of (1) charity, (2) use of organic or recycled yarns and (3) made in the USA. This allows us to operate in a way that is socially responsible, eco-friendly and supports job in the US while discouraging the use of child labor.

  • bhupendra

    I am really touched with this video. It feels so great to see smile on those faces. May god bless him and i hope this will encourage me and all to be with them.

  • nisha loyalka

    tear rolled down my eyes,its so divine that someone is blessed with gods grace where god himself is guiding to provide the best to those who are in need.may god bless him with wishes.

  • alicia

    Well, I am now in tears. I just lost my dream job on Thursday have money in the bank and am leaving to spend 18 days with 3 yr old nephew in Hawaii. Since my decision, i have told friends it is possible I might not return except to pack my things and move back with my sister's family. She wants desperately to start an acupuncture clinic and I could help with money in the bank, time on my hands, and a law degree. She loves to give as do I. But, there is no place to really make an impact. This story moved me at a time when I am ripe to be moved. Thank you!

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