Dr. Aumatma Shah believes that health is SO valuable that it should be given as a gift. Moving beyond words and debate, she just started an experiment: Karma Clinic. At Karma Clinic, conventional and alternative medicine doctors see patients in need of healing the body, mind, and spirit. But there is no charge. Instead, each patient is given an opportunity to pay-forward for the person after them. Can such radical trust actually work? Dr. Shah thinks so. She believes that if something is truly serving the community, the community will step up to support it. Watch the inspiring gift-economy story of Karma Clinic!


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  • Laura

    May the Universe and human beings help Dr. Shah continue her amazing work. I hope others will share this story and this site. I am deeply touched and grateful for people like her in this world.

  • Arnette

    This is so inspiring in that it takes healing and health to the level that God planned it to be. A way for us to help each other and honor Him, without the limits placed on things by making them so tangible.

  • RAchel Koontz

    smiles . that she also didn't want to do what her intuition told her to for a time! I resonate with it often :) it makes sense her "model" of health care ...and she's near where i live!

  • Deborah leSueur

    The faith that you will be supported by the comunity.

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  • Read more about Karma Clinic's guiding principles, volunteering practitioners, and Dr. Shah's informative blog.

  • Think about the many talents you have and how much joy and value they bring to your life. Pick one and make a serious plan to gift your talents to your community -- with a Smile Card!

  • Health thrives in symbiotic relationships. Create a community garden to grow and share fresh vegetables, lead free walking groups for your neighbors, volunteer at your local hospital - you benefit while providing benefit to others!

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