This isn't your run-of-the-mill music video. Captivating and breathtaking imagery is set to the soulful music of Stomacher's song "Untitled/Divider". Shot with an anamorphic 35mm lens and including over 20,000 pictures from locations around the world, this video takes you on an enchanting journey through image and sound. Take a moment out of your day to stop, sit back, and drink it all in.


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  • Kathy

    Lyrics were a little hard to understand but I really liked it thanks!

  • Eric

    busy motion with earth standing still, like bees without a hive.

  • chris

    :) ... looked up the lyrics: Untitled/Dark Divider Everything is as it should be / Houses and their ladies inseams / Dreary and the dark through the fog / Am I the dark divider of seas I don't wanna hurry your faith / But love you have the sweetest frame / And all your promises of grace, no / Joy is pouring over like wine / All parts of you more lovely than night / But my body is a prisoners cage, no / Am I the dark divider of seas If we make this happen The sea comes alive, the way it shines by the sea of lights / Assume the shape of violence baby And I saw all were having the time of their lives for years

  • Mary

    Visually stunning and the music is haunting...just can't understand the lyrics. The singers need to articulate more so we can understand what they're singing about. Beautiful anyways!

  • Sharon

    Lovely photography, talented musicians, but being a musician myself, I am always aware of the importance of HEARING the lyrics. The voices were very much obscured by the instrumentals. I have not seen the lyrics in print and thus had to listen so very hard and still could catch only a few words. Otherwise, Thank you for a lovely presentation.

  • viral

    Beautiful! Amazing to experience space and time artfully like this ...

  • Conrad P Pritscher

    I'm surprised there are not a number of praising comments. On second thought, Thomas Keating said: "God's first language is silence. All else is a poor translation." and Ghandi said: "There is no way to peace. Peace is the way."

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