Of all the folks that spoke for the 2010 graduating class in the US and beyond, Eric Duquette may have been the least likely. After being diagnosed with autism at birth, and being told he'd never amount to anything, Eric excelled to the point of acceptance to every college he applied to. His story is an inspiration to parents and students alike.


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  • Ananya

    He is differently abled and not disabled .. And Eric proved so many wrong because his parents believed in him and never gave up.. Cheers to him and his family.

  • Little Things

    Never underestimate the power of a smile♥

  • Harriet Garner

    Love prevails. Take heed America!

  • anita

    Fric's will and his parents hope.

  • Indraneel Chakrabarty

    What more can one say- Love Eric & his speech. I love the place where I reside as this locality has more then five Autistic kids I talk to on & off.. but unless their parents feel the need to do something similar to Eric Duquette parents these kids will live an aimless life. Friends request you to please share this with all such that Indian parents with Autistic children treat them with the same respect they treat their normal siblings. Cheers, Indraneel Chakrabarty

  • adolphus

    The ccourage and faith his mother and daddy instill in their son is not to give up. This is so inspiration because so many people would not try and just give up. I'm so inspired about this young man. I pray he continue toward his goals in life.


    We have an Asperger's child aged 8 years old. He was subjected to the most apalling physical and verbal abuse at a primary school here in New Zealand. Children rode his back like a horse, sometimes for over a week, and the Jekyll and Hyde Principal of that school did absolutely nothing.nothing!Chan-Paul,or little boy always had a beautiful smile, and in this wonderful inspirational speech,that SMILE by Eric says it all. Amen.

  • rabi

    Many disabled persons still in this world do not have access to watch video like this. I wish I would like to put a word about Eric & his parent to every single disabled person who I meet. Eric, Have a good life!

  • Vic

    What inspired you about this video? Very beautiful. Shows what persistance of heart and soul can do. Congrats to Eric and his parents.


    What God say a man would be he will be. circumstances or challenges can not change it. but can only delay it. congratulation Eric. Hold on to God because you are destined for greatness and you a hope for many that has lost hope. love you.

  • Anuradha

    Congratulation to Eric and his parent. I do believe that this success inspirational exposé need to be shared to all especially to disabled persons..

  • sinead

    Its fantastic to read about such a great thing happening, as a mother with an autistic son it gives a great feeling of hope that anything can happen. Congratulations to eric on a fantastic achievement.

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