Our relationship with our personal care products can be one of the most intimate relationships we have. We use them daily, all over our bodies, and sometimes in our bodies. What's in our products? Is everything safe and regulated? There is a lot of debate and confusion over the answers. Watch Annie Leonard's film for one viewpoint on our cosmetics industry.


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  • subhash

    We are all addicts of cosmetics and have been fooled by products mfg.and ad. companies.In India during marriages brides and grooms are made look like chimpanzees by so called beauticians charge hefty fees,waste valuable time of all invitees,(time required by these professionals is also quite considerable,and this act has become socially accepted norm), in addition it is very much harmful too,which is more serious.When shall we open our eyes and mind?

  • Gloria

    This is really well done. I think the first part of the solution is to reduce the amount of cosmetics we use all together. I only use shampoo--no conditioner. And how many products do we really need? Might we reconsider how many products we CHOOSE to use. Who says we need to lather rinse and repeat? Using less is the first step. How many products do we really need beyond soap?

  • Arun

    Your are right. I used Dove soap for 5 years without knowing its effects. Nothing happened till I stopped using it, and then all the problem started. Now I am back with herbs and Pure stuff. Great Video and "THANK YOU SO MUCH "

  • Donna Mc.

    Those who watch this and her other videos, should also watch the critiques of them on "How the World Works" Youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxO3bPNyWzo

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  • Learn more about the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010. If you care deeply about this issue, do something -- ask your U.S. Representative to support the Act.

  • Consider what true beauty means to you. Read Sam Levenson's poem on "Time Tested Beauty Tips"

  • Make someone's day. Tell them why you think they are beautiful. Then tell yourself why you are beautiful.

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