Do you believe you can change the WORLD? You CAN change the world. The only barrier between you and your aspiration is a small veil of anxiety...which can be easily torn by the passion within your heart. Trekking through the ruins of Nepal's villages, John Woods, an executive at Microsoft discovers a barren library, devoid of books. The words of the headmaster, "Perhaps sir, someday you will come back with books," shakes his soul and he gives up his job to run after the smile that appears on a child's face holding a book.


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  • Librarian VIJAYAN

    What inspired you about this video? Really this video very inspired me to improvement of my Library services to the community and gives CONFIDENCE to change the world. JOHN WOODS IS A "MAN TO READ" Thanking you Librarian VIJAYAN Government Public Library, Coimbatore - District, Tamilnadu - State, INDIA, PIN - 641042, : 9500 8973 04 , 94 880 68 338 .

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  • Read this inspirational book, "Leaving Microsoft to Change the World" by John Woods which illuminates that anyone and everyone can change the world...all it really takes is a pinch of passion and a mountain of endurance.

  • Visit this website to have a peak at Room to Read, John Wood's non-profit organization that has created 10,000 libraries and 1,128 schools in rural parts of the world.

  • Read to a child a storybook and delve into the satisfaction of sharing a child's joy.

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