John Hardy's dream of building a green school comes alive in Bali. With bamboo architecture, no walls and a diverse range of teachers, this school not only teaches reading writing and arithmetic but also teaches how to reconnect to nature thus building future green leaders. 


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  • Dhivyasree

    The beautiful design and care for all inspired me :)

  • pema choden

    It seems interesting but i could not play the video.

  • charlie

    i felt really motivated and inspired long before the video.may God bless you abundantly

  • ~Mr. A~

    I can only imagine what the Green Community is like now 5 years after the school opened. Wow! Be Local, Let the Environment Lead, and think about your Grand KIds! Amazing!

  • suma

    unable to play the video,,,error msg flashing ....

  • Desiree

    Unable to play the video specified:

  • khurram amrohi

    i cannot download video

  • punam

    Have been unable to view the video

  • Desiree

    I am unable to see the video - when clicked an Error message is being flashed "Unable to play the video specified:

  • binky

    I am so inspired and thrilled watching this video. It has been my dream to build a sturdy and long lasting structure out of bamboo and organic material in my country the Philippines. You see, there are many bamboo houses here but mostly are not stable and small and so sturdy. I wish to learn how to build structure out of bamboo, Balinese style.

  • Noor A.F

    It is good. Just keep on encouraging us please. I like neat things to inspire me and us at large. though video didn't play for me I read some of the script. Noor A.F

  • anant joglekar

    I am unable to see the video - when clicked an Error message is being flashed "Unable to play the video specified:

  • Katie

    Amazing and inspirational! Keep up the life changing work John Hardy! I hope this idea spreads into the US and across the rest of the world.

  • Yoo-Mi

    Chris - you can find out how to help by checking out the Green School website's "contribute" section: Hope something works out!

  • Chris

    I want to go! Can I help?

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  • Learn more about the green school project.
  • Initiate a green project in your community like picking up garbage or planting a tree.
  • How can you make your own home more energy efficient?

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