The people at Karma Tiffin are "serving lunch with love." They deliver healthy, homemade, organic, vegetarian meals in tiffins (you'll see what those are in the video). The meals are a gift and those who receive them are encouraged to pay the gift forward in whichever way they feel inspired!


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  • Mario

    This is wonderful. Trying to think about doing more about what a share economy brings. And it sounds so healthy and delicious. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Amit

    Such an incredible way to serve others - the amount of thought, care, love and effort that goes into each meal and just served to others on a gift economy basis is mindblowing. Keep it up and keep inspiring!

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  • A gift economy is a society where goods and services are regularly given and circulates within the community. Get acquainted with these gift economy sites.
  • The woman who started Karma Tiffin went from law books to cook books, inspired to do more of the things she loves. Do more of what you love.
  • Food has the power to heal. Be mindful of how  you cook and what you eat.

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