How do you treat your elders? Do you truly honor and respect them or do so begrudgingly? The golden rule in the grand circle of life is to treat others how you want to be treated. We all want to be treated with respect and love. Respect your elders, in every sense of the word, because it's how you want to be treated. See how this poignant, short film depicts this life lesson.


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  • shenzi

    What if your elders don't respect YOU? What if your elders abused you as a child an continue to abuse you? What if the siblings they abused along with you follow the same pattern of abuse and treat you very badly? What if, each time you move toward your elders with love and respect they treat you badly and you get hurt again and again and your heart has been broken again and again and again and sometimes you feel you could die from the pain? What then? What then?

  • sana

    very touching and very realistic

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