In honor of World Kindness Day on November 13, we offer this video of the impact kindness had on a grieving family. Jeanette Mare and her family honor the memory of their son's spirit by creating Ben's Bells - beautiful, hand-crafted ceramic wind chimes that are placed randomly and anonymously in public places around Tuscon, and beyond. The bells are a musical reminder of the power people have to change the world by being kind.


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  • lisa

    i love this idea - so simple yet so beautiful and such a great way to send the message of the importance of kindness in our lives...

  • Soul Prayer

    After reading such things when there is that special feeling in the heart and eyes feel moist...thats love...thats kindness...which is a gift from above. Its the same as prayers which are concrete pathways of this love to who we pray for. I pray for everyone who reads this and for love and peace in the heart of linda, laura and jeanette.

  • Althea (Allie) Southwick

    Any act of kindness is a step forward in making the world the hope and dream we all believed it to be. We, every individual, have an opportunity to recoup that wonderful dream called the "American Dream" to come to full bloom if we take a minute each day to take the opportunity to do one kind act, meet one new person, encourage and remind one person how blessed we are to live in this wonderful country despite all the negative vibs that try to tell us otherwise. Listen to your inner voice, in the series of goose fables I've just published- the geese call it "Your Heart Voice". We are all born with one your know. HAPPY THANKSGIVING check our and on facebook goosefables

  • Linda

    Just over four months ago my daughter, her husband of 15 years and their two young sons 10 years and 12 1/2 years old were all killed in a tragic small plane crash. It has been the loving, caring and sharing kindness of all that knew them and even many that did not know them that has helped our grieving each day. The symbols of love and remembering not only keep their memories alive and with us, but also help us know and feel peace in our lives. What a special way for a loving family to share with others who not only share their grief but live their own. God Bless

  • sarabellam

    People seem to actually care about how others feel. We want people to be kind to each other, we want to spread harmony on the Earth. This matters! Praise God.

  • Nora

    A little act of kindness goes a long way. Here is the recipe

  • Joanna

    The loss of her son that inspired this wonderful woman to do something so touching and yet so simple for others that she doesn't know! What a wonderful and beautiful thing to do, to put a smile on someone's face, to inspire them to do better. A random act of kindness. How wonderful! If only this could be the way it is!

  • Margie

    Kindness is so kind for kindness to remember kindness ~ x ~

  • jennifer

    I love all of them and I thank you for all the Joy you are giving to our world.

  • Sarah

    Every little act is a part of a whole... Tha best way to finish the movie and of course, to inspire whoever has watched it. We're pieces of ONE great puzzle, males, females, blacks, whites, the rich and the poor... . We must gather together to share and expand kindness and of course, to complete the great puzzle. The answer is in the UNITY...

  • Carla

    Watching this I am reminded of how very powerful the act of kindness is to transform us. I am reminded as well of all the kindness I have received from the people in my life. Thank you

  • Arlene

    Excellent video! It reminded me to hang my assorted chimes on Sunday so I can enjoy the sounds of them which is so calming to me when the wind blows.

  • deepak

    Thank you . Every act of kindness to another being makes one feel good from within .

  • Grace

    The last sentence... "every l;ittle act is a part of the whole..."

  • Joyce

    My husband has Alzheimers and now resides in a nursing home. I am going through some hard times but each and every act of kindnes from others is so important. I like the idea of bells and chimes bringing softness to a sometimes hard world.

  • Sherry

    Out of tragedy comes goodness. Thank you!

  • Fiona

    Simple steps that can include anyone, and acknowledge and encourage each of us to be kind. Thank you, this touched my heart.

  • Rene`

    This is such a sweet touch of softness in a very barren hard desert of times. If someone dislikes the sounds of the bells, I wonder how hard their heart has become. Please continue to spread your sweet sounds of softness to this hard times and places. I hope Ben's Bells spread across the country. We certainly can use a kindmess reminder everywhere and a reminder that we are all suffering from the loss of something or someone and to be gentle to each other. Thank you.

  • Nikki

    How wonderful! What a great way to celebrate the life of a love one who has passed away. I'm a hospice nurse and I see grieving and loss on a daily basis, however, this video shows that it's all about remembering and celebrating their life...and passing on the kindness that's unfortunately so easily forgotten. Makes me want to do something similar in my community.

  • Larry

    A little Downs syndrome boy James came into my life for a brief 4 month period when I met his mom - my girlfriend Katy Jo 2 year ago. He crept right into my heart the instant I met him. Little Jamie passed away very suddenly after an ear infection turned into septicaemia. He has left such a hole behind especially for his family and specifically for his mom. A friend of hers from Canada brought a wind chime for her so that whenever the wind blows we hear him. Your chimes brought back waves of emotion that are always under the surface and caught be total surprise. The pain never goes away - its always there. Bens Bells made me feel Little Jamies rough hands as if he was right here.

  • Sallie Gilman

    A year ago we lost our son-in-law in Afghanistan. It has been a tough year as we grieve and try to support our daughter on this journey of sorrow. I am so touched about any act of kindness people show to my daughter at this time. I have such empathy for families who have lost a loved one, especially our military families. I hope to be someone who can spread kindness in this world. Thank you for sharing your vision and providing hope to all who are grieving. Please let me know how I can pass this along to others. Thank you!

  • laura o'neill

    when you are grieving you need all the kindness you can get. Especially if you have lost a child. People dont understand how an act of kindness can make your day. I should know I lost my son "JOEY" twelve years ago, and its still like yesterday.

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  • The motto of Ben's Bells Project is: be kind.
  • Learn more about the genesis, purpose and the many implications of World Kindness Day.
  • Join the celebration on November 13 by, you guessed it, doing something kind for someone else.  :) Need ideas?

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