You are perfect. One simple message, one simple truth. A local filmmaker profiles an inspired man dedicated to sharing this message with his community.


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  • Lori

    I love that we are all perfect in our imperfectness. Awesome.

  • Cara

    One person can make a difference. A simple commitment to sharing the observation that we are all perfect.

  • David McHugh

    This my message to people. I have had the same revelation. We all are expressions of God, and God is perfect. We are made in god's image and likeness. Living for others is eternal life. We free ourselves when we free each other. I love you. David.

  • isaacbelo


  • Sandi Teales

    His gentleness and profound simplicity of the message, a reminder that we are PERFECT

  • Duchess Dale

    The simplicity, innocence and joy of his intention and message.

  • Diana

    I feel calm and inspired, Thank-you! diana

  • Nancy Guenther

    So simple yet so effective. Thanks you fro reminding all of us about what we should know about ourselves everyday.

  • Becky Schurr


  • Mark

    Awesome, this has inspired me to go and get different T-shirts made up with positive messages on them, then smile at everyone as I walk down the street :)

  • Virginia

    What inspired you about this video? - the fact that he asked God so sincerely...and listened..."and everything answered". AND from that over-flow he goes out and holds his message, no strings attached. I'm going to remind myself of this, especially when I'm feeling grumpy and critical. Remembering that everyone and everything is perfect, including myself, brings a great sense of peace and joy.

  • linda

    Gandhi said it best: "The best way to find yourself is in the service of others."

  • Subhani

    Excellent Idea. Appreciating/encouraging people without tests and examinations gives a boost to positive approach. A team should be evolved in the society who could invite people for good and stop doing bad things.

  • Carmel

    Here is a young man who created an idea that we all could benefit by~ we are perfect and now is the time to create ripples all over the globe...we have, for so long, been striving for Perfection, and with this sign, we can see the Excellence in the perfection! Thank you, we hold you in the Golden Light!You are the one candle lighting up the world1

  • Tom

    A couple of things touched me about this video. Here was a young man helping us understand that everyone is unique and that we are all perfect. You can't be happy until you are happy with your self.

  • Julie

    I bought a sign at Family Christian Stores that says "Next time you think you're perfect try walking on water". After seeing this video, I took the "Christian" sign down from my bulletin board. I'm going positive and putting up a new three word sign. YOU ARE PERFECT! Thank you for helping me see the light.

  • Su Ki

    Somos perfectos !! Tu y yo ! Uno Solo !!

  • freda

    What inspired you about this video? The sheer simplicity - the openness of both the man and those that are changed by his sign. Absence of stress and chaos that the World brings to our door daily - hourly even.

  • freda

    He asked - God answered, He always does. Then the Lord put His fingerprint on the "sign man's" heart to bring a gift to those in need at that moment.

  • Graham Q.

    What a great video! Well done - Berkeley represent!!

  • P P andolfino

    Honesty,,,,,,a really genuine person, Pauline

  • Pancho

    What inspired me? The suspense. The sense of awe and wonder. The power of silence. The beauty of a genuine smile. The shinning eyes of a happy man. One of the most powerful answers I've ever "heard". What was whispered to you all this morning? The Universal Love has so little words and so many collaborators. May all become compassionate, courageous and wise. If we are not perfect, we certainly are whole. Make a ONEderful day! :)

  • Sue

    It's that simple. That's all there is to know. And if everyone took that on, the world would be a more peaceful place.

  • Shaun

    WOW-- had no idea it will take me to such depth-- brought me to tears of joy and I felt loved!! Thank you! I am so grateful!

  • Jane

    Everything. Such a simple, yet profound act by one person. Inspirational.

  • BILL

    The smile on his face and his faith that it would work

  • Sue

    Wow, hummmm, nice. :) Very Quakerly. We believe that there is "that of God in everyone ." Each one of us can do one small thing to make the world better. Peace to all!

  • Arlan

    World Peace - One Person at a Time! See World Peace

  • Deb

    Aw! It brought a smile to my face! It warms my spirit to see others inspired by the beauty in us all. We all ARE perfect!

  • gaynor

    I was inspired because he is so humble and i bet he makes people who frown smile, people who are sad, happy and most of all lifts everyone to a better place. Thank you for sharing this with me.

  • Rineke van Voorn

    wat een prachtige boodschap

  • Judith

    wonderful film, wonderful man, love the light-ness about him, & the simplicity of what he's doing :)

  • Tiphanie

    Things arrive in our lives just when we need them, especially when we don't know what it is we need. Today you (this video) arrived in my life. Thank you. Sending you much Love and Light today - I hope you feel it. We ARE perfect.

  • AC

    You're PERFECT..)

  • Sarah Schipelliti

    Thank you so much, This is what the world needs. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. This is exactly what I needed to see, today of all days, that and the sun. You are an inspiration :) stay positive

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  • Take a look at Benajmin's signs from a few places around the world.
  • Make your own sign (like Smile!) and spread some cheer locally.  When you see someone putting joy and love in the world, stop and talk to them.
  • If you encountered "You're Perfect", what would be your reaction?  Reflect on that with a friend.

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