In this wide-ranging talk, Jacqueline Novogratz shares stories of people who have immersed themselves in a cause, a community, a passion for change. Stories that remind us that our human inheritance is the capacity to live lives infused with courage, sacrifice, humility, and hard work - and the tremendous impact it can bring to others.


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  • Brian Hall

    So many times I have stood up to do something only to sit down, ultimately settling for: "better wait till this journey is shared with my life partner, girl-mate (been with whiney weenies who refuse to grow UP and really DO something), OR b/c my limited thinking says: 'it can't be done' OR 'it's only me' OR 'I don't know where to turn' better yet, 'Somebody else or other Organization' is probably doing that', aren't they? Well, "SHE ain't comin and IT ain't happenin" and THEY/WE/US need help! I've done lots of volunteer work (in past) and helped many common people in my community (alone or w other volunteers). It feels good to soul because it is good for soul - not my soul - but Soul. Collectively, as in, whenever two or more are gathered to 'care to make a difference?!' Jacqueline, Thank you for your experience and volume on these matters. You, and the others in your presentation, DO inspired me, again! The mind is a wonderful servant -though terrible master. My day is coming... CADIP Brian

  • Cynette

    I couldnt help but cry. This is very awesome. What she said were all real and so touching. Everything is just so inspiring.

  • Marlon

    This video inspired me because I understand what she means when she say everyone is equal and we should all take the time to make changes and make the world a better place I also understand when she said that we should not distance ourself from each other because we all are a people as one and we need leadership to guide us and we ourselves should be leaders and we can not change the world alone we need each other and we also need to learn our history so we can live life of courage,sacrafice,and hard work and we need to honor people who take what we have as a people and use it to change the world in the most positive way.

  • Shantanu K Nayak

    God through you

  • Ummed

    What inspired you about this video? live life of immersion, Each of us can work to change a small portion of events. And it's in the total of all those acts that the history of this generation will be written. Thanks Jacqueline

  • Ummed

    "inclusive capiatalism", "using resources to transform the universe, in course transform the self", "use the best of past and use it where it matters most, in future"

  • Ravi

    Dear Jacqueline, You are doing excellent work. Pl keep up doing this. With love, Ravi

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