Anna Chan is an amazing Mother on a mission to save the world, one little lemon at a time. With a passion that all children deserve fresh fruit at their table, it shocked Anna to find neighborhood fruit rotting to the ground all the while families in her very own community are going hungry. In her grassroots efforts, Anna has spent countless hours knocking on fruit tree owners' doors, distributing flyers, asking them to share with the poor. She harvests the fruit herself and delivers to local food pantries. She also networks with farmers for leftover market donations. In the first year, Anna's efforts yielded $100,000 worth of fresh produce to local hunger relief organizations. She soon realized this forgotten urban harvest spans across America and is now hoping to inspire others that one person can truly make a difference to those less fortunate.


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  • Ahmed

    Great Idea! A huge number of population starves with hunger, and definitely a great initiative by this lady!

  • pratibha

    G R E A T idea!

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  • Learn more about Ana -- and Eva, the junior lemon lady -- on her blog.
  • Do the same project in your community!  Find extra produce on local trees and arrange to donate it.  
  • It takes one person to change a community.  Send this video to encourage an everyday hero you know.

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