Bryan Austin takes portraits and, like all top portrait photographers, works intimately with his subjects. Bryan’s models, however, are enormous whales who approach him in the open water. Stitching together scores of shots taken only a few feet from the whales, he produces life-sized prints in stunningly high resolution. “Capturing the eye is central” to the portrait, says Bryan. “It is a way for two minds to connect.” The photographs are exhibited in whaling nations to peacefully inspire a moratorium on whale slaughter.


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  • Barbara B. Reis

    I am fascinated by the aspect of a whale's eye. What happens in the whale when it connects with a human via its eye?

  • Sheila Laffey

    So inspiring and profound! Thanks for sharing. These creatures, and others -- on the sea and the land -- are calling on us to protect them. Let's not keep letting them down!

  • Eugenia

    What inspired you about this video?The Eye of the beautiful whale along with the simple, quiet narrative of the Bryan Austin. The portraits of whales are stunning even on my little ipad screen. Thank you, Bryan Austin, thank you. The faces of the children looking at the photographs made me smile tearfully.

  • Monte Hannah

    Awesome video; we have a lot to learn about ocean life

  • C Arul Prakash

    A dolphin comming close to me at Anjuna was so thrilling. To swimm with the Whales must be great.

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